Grid Couplings



Compact in size, yet high in torque capability, the Dodge Grid-Lign is a versatile coupling solution. Popular for use in both high-speed motor connections and low-speed reducer output connections, Dodge Grid-Lign couplings are commonly used in conveyor, pump, and fan applications around the world. 

The Grid-Lign coupling’s tapered grid element is engineered with high-strength spring steel that is quenched and tempered. This feature helps isolate vibration and cushions shock loads. Additionally the tapered grid element allows uniform contact during light, normal, and shock-loading conditions for extended life.


  • 24 sizes available: 1020T to 1200T; S150-S480 
  • Maximum Bore: 21.85” [555 mm] 
  • Maximum Torque: 7,080,585 in-lbs [800,000 Nm] 
  • Torque density and large bore capacities of a metallic coupling
  • Misalignment and vibration damping capabilities of an elastomeric coupling
  • T10 and T20 close-coupled designs
  • T35 half-spacer, and T31 full-spacer designs can be mounted to a brake disc or drum