Dodge TXT & TA2 Repair Evaluation


  • 39500

Factory Repair Evaluation for Dodge Torque Arm & Torque Arm 2 Reducers

  • Repair is completed at Dodge's Greenville, SC gearing facility

  • Upon evaluation Dodge will recommend the required repair level
  • Level 1: New Seals, Gaskets, Shims and Bearings.
  • Level 2: Level 1 plus input gear set
  • Level 3: Level 1&2 plus output gear set
  • All repairs come with a full 18 month Factory Warranty
  • Price below is for the evaluation of the gearbox only.  Upon evaluation the repair costs will be quoted.
  • The evaluation fee will be credited against the cost of the repair upon notice to proceed.  If the gearbox is damaged beyond repair, the cost of the evaluation will be credited against the purchase of a new Dodge reducer.
  • Valid for any size Dodge TXT, TDT, TA2, SCXT, Hydroil, or BioDisc reducer.
  • Repair lead-times usually run 2-3 weeks depending on the current workload.
  • Customer is responsible for freight charges to and from the Dodge factory.
  • After the evaluation order is placed we will forward shipping instructions and a repair authorization return #.  DO NOT ship the reducer prior to receiving this information.

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